Our Company
Home Page Australia Pty Ltd covers all geographical aspects of internet advertising; global, national, state, and local. The HPAU team has an extensive history of business expertise in management and sales. With this background HPAU can relate to the average business owner who is looking for advertising that works, and not just another bill at the end of the month. HPAU covers the entire nation and support is only a phone call or and email away. Call us and we can get a representative to visit you.
Our Clients
HPAU's clients are from all businesses. People have been surprised to find a market for almost every business on the internet. From painters to computer technicians, linguists to florists, the range of industry covered is astronomical. Many don't use the old Yellow or White Pages anymore but are using the internet instead. With 9 million uses in Australia every day, and with Rudd's 4.7 Billion dollar plan to have Broadband Internet in many rural towns, this industry is exploding, and this is just the beginning! It has been estimated that Australia is approximately 18 months behind the US in regards to internet advertising. If US trends tell us where Australia is going, we are entering a technological revolution.
What People Are Saying
People are excited about the limitless prospects of Google AdWords. It is not hard to sell the HPAU concept to people because the product sells itself. Who can deny testimony after testimony of businesses that have soared as a direct result of Google AdWords. It is a great satisfaction to see businesses grow as a whole new client base pours in.
  • HPAU immediately increases website traffic and attracts 100's of new customers to your site.
  • HPAU makes sure that you get paying customers, not just web surfers. We do this through the use of Google Analytics technology and the choice of search words.
  • HPAU can show you exactly what customers are searching for. For example if you run a Florist in the Gold Coast, and we find that hundreds of people are clicking on "roses Gold Coast" we can design your ad so that those 100's of buyers will see you on the front page of Google
  • HPAU takes clients who have existing AdWords accounts and improves their online performance and gives you strong ROI (return on investment).